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The Front Gate Opens To Racers & Spectators @ 3:00pm on Fridays

  • Driver Registration Begins @ 3:00pm Through 5:45pm At The Scorers Tower

  • Drivers Fees:
             $20 Racer-Entry Fee

  • Drawing For Qualifying Position Will Close At 5:45pm..Any Driver Who Does Not Make The Draw WIll Be Added To The Back of His or Her Qualifying Race.

  • Qualifying Races or Time Trials Will Begin Directly After Driver's Meeting.

  • The Day's Event Line Up WIll Be Posted On The Sign Board On The Side Of The Scorers Tower As Well As All Line Ups.

Each driver at LVKT will be responsible for utilizing a Raceceiver! The Raceceiver is a one-way radio for the race director to use so the drivers have a better understanding of what has happened and what needs to happen on the track! This is not an option; they are now MANDATORY!  The average price for a receiver is $99.00.   If there are any questions, please contact me directly at 413-281-4935.

Thank You,

Heather O’Dell
Lebanon Valley Kart Track

Burris Racing Tires
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