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Extreme Budget Predator Class

Extreme Budget Predator Rules

The Xtreme Budget Predator class is designed as an economical “trophy” class, with the entry level racer in mind. The idea behind this class is to be able to bolt a box stock engine and have a chance be competitive. Any engine or engine work done that is not in the intention or spirit of these rules may be told to take it out of competition. Do not ruin this class. When you choose to play games, you only hurt the future of the sport just for a trophy. Think about it.

Xtreme Budget Predator Rules-

-Chassis must be 15 years old or non adjustable.

-No Nose pieces, number panels on front and rear. Side panels may reach from tire to tire. 8” Maximum height at front, 12” maximum height at rear.

-No Ceramic bearings

-No Titanium

-Brake Rotors must be steel

- Box stock 212 Predator. Stock out of the box.

- Tires: open slick tires . No treaded tires.

-Clutch: Max torque 13 tooth driver*.

Rear gear 56-59. If Kart and driver weigh over 400, may run up to 61*

-Weight is 370Lbs.

-All safety is still Mandatory on the karts, safety pins, wired bolts, double nuts. Be safe.

-Claimer rule on engine $160 That is engine only not including throttle linkage, clutch or clutch guard.

- Pump gas only. No additives. 91 octane max (to allow for ethanol free fuel)

Engine rules clarification-

1)Engine must be ran out of the box

2) Governor must be connected-spring May be zip tied

3)Air filter and sock must be installed per factory

4)Engine must have a keyway as installed by factory on the flywheel

5) 1/8” hole may be drilled in gas cap

6) Carburetor jet May be changed

7) Oil Sensor May be disconnected

8. Fuel Tank May be leveled

Any unsealed engine may be claimed by a racer in the field after feature, track promoter, or XBP official.

Claim Price-$160 Promoter or track claim overrides competitor claim.

Engine Seal Program- For the remainder of 2022 and 2023 season, drivers may choose to have their engine sealed. If you have a sealed engine, your engine will be unclaimable. Anyone caught tampering with an engine seal will receive a minimum 5 year suspension from Xtreme Budget Predator competition. If repair is needed that requires removal of seals, removal must be done by XBP official. Or a better thought- a new engine is $159 at your local HF store. If you aren’t tampering with the internals, that seems like a more reasonable way to go. Price to seal an engine- $10

Tracks running multiple classes (rookie/novice/pro) May allow a driver one race to attempt to “move up”. With a second race start in the higher class, the driver must run the higher class at all Xtreme Budget Predator sanctioned races. Tracks that only run one XBP class will not count, as there is no option of which class to run. For example, if a driver is running the rookie class at one track and makes 2 novice starts at any tracks, that driver must then run novice at any sanctioned tracks.

The rookie class is to be a non-points class at all tracks. Any driver that collects 3 total sanctioned feature wins must move up.

*-varies by track.

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