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Heavy Tire Predator Class

Heavy Tire Predator Rules


  • Mower tires.  Tire sizes nee to be 13 x 6 1/2 x 6... rim sizes must be the same on all four corners of the kart. (Carlisle turf saver tread pattern)

  • Minimum Weight is 350lbs

  • Flat Kart Wedge Body (with rear spoiler "Optional" if you attach it, must be braced properly and safely to kart)

  • The Motor Rule is Stock Predator.  You cannot change the internals, cannot change the carb and cannot work the head.  You may get new green stripe valve springs air intake on, you may remove the gas tank, install a floor mounted tank and fuel pump.  You may also remove the governor and low oil shut off.

  • You do not need to purchase a sealed motor from any of our suggested builders, but every motor is subject to the same claimer rule.

  • Tires may NOT be altered from manufactured form.  NO cutting, grinding OR chemical prepping.

  • "Dirty Tire" - No cleaning tire once they hit the track.

  • There is no clutch or flywheel rule for Heavy Tire Predator.

  • Top 3 must report directly to tech post race.  If you do not report directly to tech post race: you leave from the tech area or fall to shop up: you will be disqualified with NO EXCEPTIONS.

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